Spiritual 5

I never understood the teaching that giving is receiving. But maybe it’s just as simple as giving a high five. You don’t just give something, you get something, the same thing, a thing that exists between you, created by you both, expressing an emotion, and a sense of unity. Like a high five, Love is created between two people, but belongs to neither. It is not deserved or purposeful. It is neither conservative or liberal.

To give Love is to enjoy the duet of affection that would never have existed without you.

Please, You Win

For peace to break free from its bonds we, as a whole, have to learn how to give up winning. That means each of us, in turn, has to learn how to give up our winning. Because when we win, by default someone we love loses. The ego loves winning; it is the way of the world. So, blessed are those who do not win in the ways of the world for theirs is the kingdom of God.
Is it possible to let others win over you all the time? That is what it means to give up winning. Is it possible to accept only loss out of deference to others? All the time? Is that even desirable? Jesus answered yes to this question.