Please, You Win

For peace to break free from its bonds we, as a whole, have to learn how to give up winning. That means each of us, in turn, has to learn how to give up our winning. Because when we win, by default someone we love loses. The ego loves winning; it is the way of the world. So, blessed are those who do not win in the ways of the world for theirs is the kingdom of God.
Is it possible to let others win over you all the time? That is what it means to give up winning. Is it possible to accept only loss out of deference to others? All the time? Is that even desirable? Jesus answered yes to this question.

Heal Yourself

Forgiveness is the healing balm to our emotional wounds.

When an avalanche breaks it would be a futile endeavor to find out which snowflake pushed which snowflake down the mountain. All have pushed and all have been pushed, many many times, and that  first snowflake was holding on to the mountain with the weight of all the others on his back.

It is a futile endeavor to find out who has hurt who in the avalanche we call life. All have hurt and all have hurt others many many times. Accept that you are both “criminal” and “victim”.

So if your’re a “victim”, don’t take the avalanche of the human condition personally. It’s not about you. If you’re a “criminal” don’t blame yourself for too long for letting go of the mountain, it was only a matter of time.

One hurt at a time:

See. Accept. Forgive. Let go.

The avalanche had to break, but it need not last forever. Be brave!


Life is about learning our lessons, and everything else is just sandcastles in a rising tide.

What is a life lesson? You have learned a life lesson once you have been convinced, 100%, that happiness is not found in “x”, nor “y”, nor “z” because you have thoroughly checked. And once you have learned many lessons it dawns on you that perhaps happiness is not found anywhere “a” through “z”.

So maybe happiness is not a cup to fill, but a beacon to follow?

If the desire for happiness is not a goal to fulfill, it must be a homeing beacon, a calling home. What I call my desire for happiness IS actually my love and desire for God. I really want to be happy! I must love God VERY much.