To Have All That You Need

To have all that you need

is to know you’re a seed.

Faith, Hope, and Love

are the sun wind and the rain

that make you, the seed,

to grow like the grain.

What’s growing is knowledge

and Faith you’re the Tree,

letting death do his work

as a servant to Thee.

The more you can see

that youre truly a tree,

fear loses its grip

and begins to fear thee.

The less you fear,

the more you grow wise,

and you’ll see that sadness

is joy in disguise.

Once you can see

the joy of the Tree,

you’ll be freed from the pains

of coming to be.

To know you’re the seed

is to have all that you need,

and it leads you to God,

the maker of seed.

Heart Over Head

There are head dreams and then there are heart dreams. Head dreams are made to serve ego, heart dreams were placed there by God to serve God.

If you’re heart centered your dreams fulfill themselves. Head dreams lead to chaos, frustration, and suffering. Choose wisely!

Spiritual 5

I never understood the teaching that giving is receiving. But maybe it’s just as simple as giving a high five. You don’t just give something, you get something, the same thing, a thing that exists between you, created by you both, expressing an emotion, and a sense of unity. Like a high five, Love is created between two people, but belongs to neither. It is not deserved or purposeful. It is neither conservative or liberal.

To give Love is to enjoy the duet of affection that would never have existed without you.