The Difference Between Happiness and Bliss

For sugar, Happiness is dissolving itself in coffee or tea, sharing itself with another form.

For sugar, Bliss is going within and tasting its own sweetness!

For human beings, Happiness is dissolving his ego, sharing himself with another through Love.

For human beings, Bliss is going within and tasting his own Divine Love!

2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Happiness and Bliss

  1. since my awakening i feel like what i believed was love with another what i felt was twin flame was in fact a narcissist who i felt pure or so i thought love for and now i feel how could i be so stupid this awakening in myself has indeed made me feel more stupider not more super
    more like what do i even really know i just trust that’s theres the right answer and i follow my gut my internal feelings if its calm i feel im ok if not i move on the awakening has made me want to be alone lose friends see through people and leave church completely iv become more alone melancholy does it get better


    1. Hi Angela,

      First of all I want to show my sincere sorrow to hear how hard this new chapter of your life is for you. I know from personal experience how devastating this part of the awaking process can be.

      I am here to tell you, hang in there, this too will pass. Darkness will become light, despair will become hope, loneliness will become love. I promise.

      There is work to do on your part. You play a role in this story of awakening. Your job is to learn to accept this new pain you feel in life. Accepting it doesn’t mean it will stay forever, nothing in this world stays forever. Accepting it is the first step to letting it go.

      It took me a long time to realize that this pain was benevolent. This pain was full of hidden wisdom, teaching me where I needed to grow as a person, and in doing so, I was able to experience life more and more they way it was designed to be experienced.

      Within you is a world that begs for your attention. It may be quite a mess in there for the moment, but the job is to go inside, clear that whole space of old neglected emotion.

      The symptoms you tell me about I too experienced. All of them, and I promise you that they are being asked of you only to clear space for bigger and better things.

      Do not cling to anything that seems to be slipping away. Like a fall tree letting go of each dead leaf, so too must you let dying things in your life go to rest. Let them go, you are not sending them away, they are leaving you, nothing here lasts forever.

      It is always darkest before dawn and morning always comes. May the light soon come to you my sister. You are so much more than you know.

      It can snow as late as May, but the spring always comes!

      Blessings to you my sister!


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