Waking Pains

Think about getting up in the morning. Is it pleasant?

Not usually, but it isn’t the end of the world either.

To be clear, spiritual awakening is not physically painful, but it can be very emotionally and mentally taxing. During the awakening process your consciousness begins to expand, which brings into view certain behaviors of yours that up until then you were trying to keep hidden from yourself.

Discovering one new fault after another can be pretty hard, especially if you are the type to judge and shame yourself.

Also all sorts of things start to happen in your body once healing begins. Appetites change, sleep patterns change, desires change, relationships change. All this change at once can be uncomfortable at times.

The hardest part for me is humility. It seems that everyday I have to learn again to forgive, see another fault, correct another unloving habit, admit that I was wrong, improve my sympathy. When I first tried to love unconditionally I found out pretty quick that I suck at it. That was a blow to my ego.

Ego loses it’s authority in a spiritual awakening. This is never fun.

So yes, it is painful, but growth always is. It helps me to keep in mind that it isn’t forever, and at the end I’ll be all the stronger for it!

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