Thank You Seekers

I want to say thank you. Thank you for your inner work, it is not only a blessing for you but for all the world through you. I know it is hard, so thank you.

Old joys have seemed to suddenly disappear, haven’t they? What brought so much delight in the past now feels like a mouthful of sawdust. What brought passion and purpose feels like dead skin. All meaning and desire has faded like a soda can bleached by the sun.

You can truly say, “Everything is gone. I have nothing.” To me this means that you are only one step away from an important realization: “I deserve nothing, I am nothing”. Once this realization has settled into your heart and mind in a manner that fully accepts it, then gratitude can enter. The feeling “I deserve nothing” comes into direct opposition with the obvious fact that you have everything you need! And gratitude grows from there.

Once gratitude gets a rather strong hold on you, an off-shoot of gratitude begins to sprout; humility. Humility brings service, and service leads to love, and love invites unconditional love, which is Divine Love, the fruit of all this gardening!

Old joys have past but only to make room for the new. Tarzan swinging from vine to vine must know how to easily let go of the old vine to take hold of the new, and for a moment, he hangs between both worlds, suspended. This can be terrifying or exhilarating, however you choose to see it.

The Divine joys of love are subtly enjoyed by the spirit, but only if the loud pleasures of the body are tempered first!

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