Soul Cleansing

Perhaps you already know, but cleansing your soul is the single most loving and powerful act of service you can perform for the well being of all life on Earth or anywhere. Please don’t underestimate its power and potential. It is what you came here to do. Not much else matters in comparison.

To be clear, your actions are not going to do anything. Soul cleansing is a long “grace-shower”. Your actions are about removing all obstacles to grace (aka energy, light, love, God…) so it may do its work in you.

1 Daily meditation (15 minutes minimum, 60 minutes maximum).

2 ”A Course in Miracles”, is a great place to start.

3 Practice humility, kindness, and generosity.

4 Stop telling life what to do.

5 Stop telling life what it is, begin letting life tell you who you are.

6 Stop saying “no” to requests made of you (your mind will scream bloody murder, do it anyway.)

7 Forgive every “offense” immediately.

8 Enjoy serving others.

9 Seek peace, not pleasure. Peace feels a lot like boredom, get to be good friends with it!

10 Turn your judgment of others into a mirror to your soul. Whatever you see wrong in others is actually what is going on within you.

11 Be aware of your actions as though someone else were doing them.

12 Detach yourself from achieving outcomes in anything you do.

13 Set your intention for the day before the day begins.

14 Show gratitude deeply. Keep a gratitude journal.

15 Make a habit of listening. Instead of adding your story, ask a question about what the other person just said.

16 Make a habit of noticing what you admire in others. Tell them. Don’t be embarrassed.

17 Eat well.

18 Sleep well.

19 Give up “knowing” everything you do not actually know. (Which is almost everything). When you become honest about this there is a great release of false knowledge.

20 Learn to say “ I don’t know” when you don’t know.

21 Give up shaming yourself. It’s a lie. No part of you is vile.

22 Challenge all of your assumptions.

23 Allow emotions to be present in you. They can’t harm you, they need to be heard.

24 Steer clear of negativity, distance yourself from news and TV for a while.

25 Learn to hear your intuition. Learn to trust it and always act upon your intuition. Give up the mind as the dictator of decision making for you.

26 Welcome each new moment into your presence. Let each one deliver its love, joy, and kindness to you, whom it serves.

27 Know deeply that all things are here to help you.

28 Be generous with your time and money, others might need it more than you do.

29 Return to your imagination, remember how to day dream.

30 Relearn how to play. Find your innocence.

31 Spend as much time playing with children as possible.

32 Let depression be the sensation of God’s loving hand upon you! God makes a terrible first impression, but so would anyone trying to take heroine from the addict. The soul is addicted to the drugs of false idols. Taking them away so the soul can heal feels like depression. Learn to celebrate that feeling as progress, and know that you will not feel that way forever.

There are probably 1,000 more things to mention. Pick one of these that made your heart leap (or your mind fear) and do just that all day, everyday. You’ll see real miraculous changes in yourself within weeks, if not days. What you put into it is what you get out.

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