Meditation Regimen

Meditation is a gift to you, but for the world. You receive it, but it’s not for you. It’s for everyone else!

It is the greatest act of Love that is available to mankind at this stage of our spiritual evolution. Know that when you meditate, you are serving God and all creation.

When I first began meditating I found it useful to set a time early in the morning, typically an hour before or after sunrise, to do my meditation. It was really hard at first! I hit the snooze button for weeks before I finally got up the first time.

I tried my best to be faithful to doing it at the same time every day. I started with only twenty minutes of meditation, and over time worked my way to an hour, but I noticed that anything more than an hour started to loose quality.

At first getting up earlier was really hard, but the more I got into the meditation I seemed to need less sleep. Over time, for whatever reason, it got easier to get up, and soon I reached a point where I was waking up before the alarm disappointed that it wasn’t yet time to get up.

When it comes to starting anything there’s no way around it, one really has to have a strong will power, one has to commit to do a meditation every day for at least a month.

Initially the following attitude was what helped me most: “I’m going to meditate the rest of my life, so there’s no need to rush seeing results. I eat every day, I don’t have to remember or motivate myself, it’s just what I do. I sleep every night, I don’t have to remember or motivate myself, it’s just what I do. Meditation is no different than eating or sleeping now. It’s just something I’ll do the rest of my life no matter what.”

This kind of attitude takes the pressure off to see results. It really helps avoid frustration.

Results take time of course. Just like going to the gym, you can’t try it once and claim it doesn’t work. Of course it works, it’s just up to you to stick with it. But it takes time, and time takes patience, and patience takes effort, and effort means sacrifice.

I always thought it was funny that meditation is essentially doing nothing, but it took me monumental amounts of energy and effort to begin meditating!

If you try to do meditation every day and you find that you just can’t seem to make it happen, perhaps it’s a good idea to start preparing for your meditations throughout the day.

By quieting your life, you will find it easier to quiet your mind. What I mean by quieting your life is to consider following a more rigorous moral standard so as to quiet your conscience. Stop lying, cussing, joking at others expense, judging, gossiping, allowing anger to control you. In short, be more kind.

This way you don’t spend your meditation time worrying about things you’ve done wrong, or the projects that you haven’t done, or the responsibilities that that have gone unfulfilled, or the people you may have hurt.

Quieting your exterior life helps you to go inward. Meditation should not feel like work, it should feel more like play, exploration, discovery, even healing!

To summarize, to begin a meditation regimen one needs, will power, preparation, and patience.

Happy meditating!

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