Lessons Learned

In all my time meditating the most important thing that I have learned which can be conveyed in words is also the only thing that will ever matter; Divine Love found within.

There are two ways to draw Divine Love out from your heart; meditation and imitation.

The first, a devotion to meditation, will bring a genuine seeker to an expansion of consciousness, which brings about “right seeing”, that is, learning to perceive life without the lens of “self”. This “right seeing” cultivates gratitude, which in turn engenders a deep humility making space for Divine Love to enter.

Those that follow this path find and enjoy living in Divine Love ahead of those that do not follow this path, but not for long!

The second way to draw Divine Love from your heart is imitation.

A growing number of seekers embodying Divine Love elucidate and practice this new Love for all to see, assisting others to easily discover and embody this same Love through imitation, saving them the struggle of their own exploration.

Gone are the days of the occasional guru or the exceptional saint. Today awakens a generation of Divine Beings that demonstrate and expose the qualities, nature, behavior, character, practice, expression, observance, conduct, direction, and wielding, of Divine Love for all to see and learn.

Seeing Divine Love practiced sincerely, freely, and liberally, immediately reveals the absence of that Love in our own hearts, and irresistibly invites all who witness it to bring forth its light from their own hearts.

Some say Jazz was born in 1895 when Buddy Bolden started his first band. Once people began to feel the energy of this soulful music, new Jazz practitioners were able to discover and live inside this new musicality through assimilation and imitation.

One could say that Buddy Bolden was a Jazz guru, the medium through which the energy of Jazz was channeled for all to see and hear, expediting its circulation and growth through imitation. This is exactly what I believe is happening today regarding Divine Love in our world.

Love, like Jazz, is not an invention. It’s alive. It grows, it dies, it evolves and matures. Each of us is made to be a practitioner of Divine Love. Like blood circulating life to the extremities of the body, Divine Love breathes the holy life of God into the collective human body to which we all belong.

To see Divine Love radiating from the heart of an awakened Being is becoming more and more prevalent and commonplace, and it is to see a portrayal of your future self.

Once the “new melody” of Divine Love is intoned for all to hear, it’s echo is not far behind.

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