No need to push a river. Likewise, let life itself flow as it wills, allowing it to take you anywhere it pleases. Detach from the fear of the unknown, detach from the love of gossip, the race to be the first to have heard, the dramas of another person, institution, state, or country. 

It doesn’t need you, and more importantly, you don’t need it. Let life flow as you settle into the stillness and blissful peace that comes from an enduring indifference to things that simply cannot matter to you anymore. 

Letting go is effortless, not because it is easy, but because it is the antithesis of effort. There is a part of us that wants to feel needed by the river of life we push. No need to theorize or convince yourself that this is true. Begin a new pattern of releasing the cares of life and see for yourself that nothing in your life falls apart in you absence. On the contrary, to our horror, it seems to be better off!

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