Gracious Losing and Sore Winning

Ego truly believes that evil is the only real way to win. But salvation comes to ego when he changes the way he loses.

Pardon Me

One of the most loving acts we can give to one another is to let everyone make their own mistakes, even if they are making them on you.


It is in blessing that you are blessed. It is in giving that you receive. This is the law! Greed is a condemnation to a life without blessings. Bless yourself by blessing all, no exceptions. Even bless Donald Trump. Lord knows he needs it!


Room by room you retreat into yourself, each new depth revealing a new old truth until all of creation is in front of you and you say hello to god and god says hello to you. And with a wink of an eye, as if to say “I love you”, it starts over again.


Everyone that approaches you does so with a need. It is the job of the Love in you to discover and attempt to meet that need, especially the ones you find hardest to love, because those are the very needs in you that have been repressed and unmet in YOU!