Bring Christ energy to those who are ready for it. Be the one who shows up as answer to their prayer, wearing humility, blessing their lives with God Himself. You bless the lives of all you meet because you bring the presence of God wherever you go, because you are He and by being so in the presence of your brothers and sisters you testify to them that so are they!
And what must first be accomplished before you do this work? Nothing. All is in place, all is ready to begin. The world will be saved, not from its physical destruction, but from its spiritual desolation, and the physicality of the earth will heal itself as a result. You are the presence of love in this place. You know it is here because you know you are here. There is nothing to fear in this moment, there is nothing to feel, there is nothing to do. Your presence is the presence of love here, it need not be accomplished, the work is finished upon your arrival to this moment. Love is present and it is perfectly so. Nothing can dampen its power, or dilute its strength. Love is here and this is the joy of the moment that you create. If you are not satisfied in this moment it is a fair question to ask, “Am I in the moment or am I creating dreams?”