Everything’s Better In The Sunshine

Imagine if puberty were invisible. How would a 12 year old kid describe the difficulties they feel their bodies go through? Puberty is visible and it is still hard to describe the feelings and emotions and changes happening on so many levels. Imagine still that nobody around you has gone through puberty before, some never heard of it before, and still others deny that it even exists. You have no idea what’s causing it or when (if) it will end, or even if it’s benevolent.

Well, spiritual transformation is spiritual puberty, and it is invisible, and it seems that nobody around you has ever gone trough it, there are no doctors that can help, things get out of control, and you have no idea what’s causing it or when (if) it will ever end.

Fear not. I’m here to tell you, it’s ok. Actually it’s better than ok, it’s great (hard, yes) but great. Grace burns at first, and grace is the hormone of spiritual puberty. All of the difficulty of this period is made up for 1,000 times per loss. On the other side of the pain and fear is sunshine, and as my wife always says:

“Everything’s better in the sunshine.”

-Cassidy Healzer