All In All

I sit with the longing of my heart, holding despair in my hands, ready to throw it into the air and wave the white flag of surrender. Come, take me. I’ve thoroughly given up my plan, my invasion, my attack upon you and your land. I succumb to your plan, for I want things that cannot be found on this globe, I desire something that belongs to God alone. I long and crave for a Union with the Divine that I cannot even bring to mind without my cheeks blushing for the shame of such an intimacy. And then it dawned on me, I thought, “Is this my desire for God or is this God’s desire for me?”


We have been trained to be dissatisfied. For as long as we believe that life is dissatisfying, so long we put off our deepest satisfactions! 

Why do we sabotage our own happiness in this way? Because we fear the fullness of life. It’s unknown, and scary! That’s all part of the fun.

Where Inspiration Lives

Accepting the moment means to let go of “the need to go”, to let go of the “production”, and “progress”, and do something, (better yet, do nothing) for its own sake. 

Today I sat in my car at the stop sign that exits my neighborhood. Give five minutes to watching the tragic go by without a thought or worry. Feel the the drive to drive, but don’t do anything about it. Feel the worry that someone is behind you waiting, but do nothing about it. Breath, and watch, breath and watch. This is where inspiration lives.