A great book contains a great story. But a story cannot exist without that container. When we read we tend to see the black ink and ignore completely the paper it is written on, yet without that paper there is no book, no story.  As a matter of fact, the paper must exist first.

There is paper behind print, there is silence behind every sound, there is stillness behind every movement, there is satisfaction behind every desire, there is death behind every life, there is space behind every body, there is darkness behind the brightest light. Explore the contrast of the universe, because without it there simply is no universe.


Whatever you withhold love from will come back for that approving love. To Love unconditionally not only means to accept all people, but it also means excepting and allowing everything, every moment despite its difficulty. Do not resist anything that arises before you. Be curious about the negative things in your life, are you so sure they are so negative? After all, even the very atoms  of the universe know opposites attract, yet we tend to think negativity must be thwarted at all cost. 

Deep Value

It is easy to use spirituality to escape the world. Spirituality is not escaping the world, it is learning true integration and proper engagement to the world. It is right relationship to all by giving it the presence of the son of God that you are. The moment is sacred not because it is there, it is sacred because YOU are there! Do not forget the depths of your great holiness.

Definition Of Love

If I’m not here, now, how can I love? Your presence is your love for others, your consciousness is your gift. Give it freely, since you have received it freely.

Living a day, an hour, even a single minute in a hazy half present way is to throw pearls to swine.