A spiritual path is often a lonely one. Is it that God has abandoned me on my journey, or perhaps more likely, I have failed to recognize the company and aid of grace He provides through those closest to me? All thing and especially all people in life are sources of God’s wisdom if I am desperate (humble) enough to accept them. 

The food rejected by at the dinner table becomes a  feast on the streets.

Not all grace may be bestowed directly, but through the love of others, so as to remind me that God, not I, is it’s source.

To Matter

Today at work a coworker spent the better part of an hour reading data slides about our school to us. At the end she finished saying, “This is why this matters…” 

I submit that if it is not obvious to all why something matters, it just doesn’t.

Joy Injection

To en-joy the moment, that is to imbue the moment with joy, is not to demand something out of the moment, but to finally stop demanding that it fill our emptiness. Only from there can we enjoy the tea for its flavor, the sun for its warmth, and the seasons for their scents.