Criticism can be made only of the actors that are acting on stage, and never of the actors in the audience that never took that chance. Only when fear of failure is less painful than not succeeding will the risk of vulnerability come to the stage of life. Then life may truly begin!


When listening to a symphony we cannot hear only one note at a time; we listen in strings of melody, patterns of rhythm, with heights and depths of tone. To listen to the music as separate notes loses the meaning, emotion, and message of the work. 

Life must be seen in longer strands. Hear the story that is weaved by God by giving up the small daily sight, and lift you head to see the long game, the melody, the rhythm, the message of life that you are.

Me and Mine

Life is love and love is life. What keeps the body together but love? What is desire but love of the self? What is fear but the urge to protect? And what is knowledge but the love of truth? The means and forms are sometimes wrong, but the motive behind is always love; love of the me and the mine. The me and the mine, however, are too small to include everybody, so someone is always left out or hurt by that kind of love. Unconditional love learns how to embrace the entire universe, every moment, everyone. Love is accepting another as yourself, love is Union. Love is all there is, for everything is made of it.

Adaptation from “I Am That” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj