I Can Do Better

I find it strange that the words, “I didn’t do it”, usually means, “Yes, I absolutely did that, but I can’t emotionally afford you knowing the truth.”

How much more freedom there is in saving that phrase for the moments you actually didn’t do something; not as a defense, but as a recognition of fault.

“No, you’re right, I didn’t do that,” then to concede this shortfall to Love’s healing.

No Place Like

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. ”

Genesis 1:31

For an artist to admit that his finished work is, “very good”, it must be very good indeed, for an artist is more critical on his work than any other. You are a product of that Divine, “very good”, so why did you start believing that you are scum? Your Father never told you that you are scum. You received that message from someone else. Your last judgment is not one to fear, but, like the prodigal son, it is a judgment of restoration, remembrance, peace, and welcome. Home.

When I Grow Up

To play is not juvenile, it’s divine, it’s innocence, it’s joy bubbling up to the surface of our being, bursting into its contrast like an effervescent bead. We shame play as we gain citizenship in the “real world”. “It’s childish, stop that, we don’t behave like that” spews the inner critic. Why in Heavens name not?