“Can He Do That?” Just Became “He Just Did That!”

Ethics no longer applies to me! My morality is now gone! I hold no beliefs, and values, well, I have none. I choose today to live the life of spirit, which transcends all of those imaginary laws.

“But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.”

Acts 5:29

Do you really believe that? Could you look someone straight in the eye and tell them morality is illusion? Is the Son of God free to act as He sees fit or will you bind Him still longer?!

For the laws of men drew their inspiration from the law of Love. So now I obey the source of that True Law–Love, rather than its dark, satiric, mislead, verbose, and perverse cousin that is the law of man. The law of love renders irrelevant every statute, bill, decree, command, by-law, edict,enactment, measure, ordinance, precept, regulation, act, assize, behest, bidding, bylaw, canon, case, caveat, charge, charter, code, command, commandment, constitution, covenant, decision, decree, decretum, demand, dictate, divestiture, due process, edict, enactment, equity, garnishment, injunction, institute, instruction, jurisprudence, legislation, mandate, measure, notice, order, ordinance, precedent, precept, prescript, prescription, reg, regulation, requirement, ruling, statute, subpoena, summons, warrant, or writ. (Thank you thesaurus)
Truly how ridiculous are the number of ways for egos to dominate other egos by saying, “Do what I say!” The freedom of others threatens ego, since it only lives when it is bound to the body.  
Today I release the world of its laws, I set it free to follow the law of freedom, which is Love, for without freedom there is no Love!  

Evil For Sale

There is no will except the Will of Love! Nobody does evil for love of evil! Even when we do evil it’s out of love for our little self. Misguided untrue love, but its in Loves name that we do the evil! No one desires evil. Evil is undesirable (that is ; unable to be desired, as in impossible to desire) because it is literally nothing, and who can possess nothing? Oh blessed day when this illusion of loving nothing dissipates into its very own nothingness like the strong sunlight burns through  the early dawn’s fog.

Permission Granted

Everything that happens is exactly what I want. Not because I made it happen according to my wishes, but because my Father did, and his desires for me are far more majestic, infinite, and loving than my small, petty, self-serving desires. I accept, no matter the disguise!


It is said that the humans use only 10% of their brains. It seems that the life of the body only needs 10%. Doesn’t that imply that we are not using 90% of our being? Where is the other 90% of our life? What are you?