Baby Steps

When I was small I remember a day school was cancelled due to heavy snow fall. By noon the sun was out and the entire neighborhood was out to play. The sun reflected off the snow and strained my eyes upon going outside.  I was always temporarily blinded until my eyes could adjust.

Likewise we cannot enter heaven all at once; its sheer power would overpower us with fear. Tiny steps toward heaven are necessary. Imagine that you went from a world of dark and sin to immediately live in a life of infinite light, joy and peace. You would be repulsed by the sense of unworthiness, astounded at God’s sacrilege of allowing sinners in heaven, and perhaps even more scandalous, that he allowed you with all your guilt and shame to be there too.

No, we must shed our sins and shame and self-hatred in layers, piece by piece, until all that you made yourself to be is gone and all that’s left is what God created–His Sons and Daughters still perfect as He made them.

It takes time to accept the truth in our minds and hearts and bodies. What could prepare you for such a journey?

We first need to learn to be comfortable in a sinful world that has been forgiven. Then we must get accustomed to go from there to live in a world that hides Christ everywhere and sees no sin anywhere.  Only from there does it become plausible to make the leap to paradise where fear feels like the out of place stranger rather than love!

Are you ready to give up the idea that you’re broken, a sinner, and hateful in God’s eyes? If this thought is not enjoyable to you, then what is?

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