Not So Bad

Ego isn’t evil, it’s just very blind and kinda dumb. But that’s plenty of reason not to follow it! It’s a lier from the beginning, and only it’s pure opposite is Truth.

Everything an ego says and asserts itself to be, that is the very exact thing it is not.

For example:

“If she crosses me again, she better watch out!” This ego is afraid, not tough. If she were not afraid then why would she have to be tough?

“Do you know who I am?” This ego is implying he is important. If he were truly important would he feel the need to convince others of that idea? Maybe the statement should be turned into a sincere question, “Does anybody know who I am?”

“Yeah she did that to me too!” This ego is tag teaming with another ego saying, “If we both see her fault it must be true, we don’t have this fault, so we are better than her.” These egos are not better than their “friend” or else they would not feel the need to prove it. It is their own sense of incompetence and smallness that they are projecting onto a common enemy,  as if to say, “If she has it we can’t have it too.” It’s called scapegoating and it is a very effective method to keep up the blinders of ego, effective in its deception that is.

So to know your egoic self is to know the opposite of the truth, because if there is one thing an ego cannot do it is to tell the truth.

But if you have in your hands the opposite of truth, you also have in your hands a map to the truth. So if you want to learn God’s truth, get to know this ego guy you think you are, listen carefully to what he has to say, and then believe the blunt and absolute opposite, and as Siri would say, “You have arrived to your destination, Truth.” The question is: are you strong and humble enough to accept what you learn?

It is my wish and blessing for you that you do.

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