You teach yourself and others that they are not the ego by treating them like God, because they are God– In all His Sovereignty, Dignity, Power, and Love. You will never see it in yourself until you see it first in others.

All For Nothing

Forgiveness itself is an illusion, since it cannot happen in the truth of Heaven. But it is the only illusion that leads us out of illusion. If you can find the way to forgive all things unconditionally, letting go of ego, then you touch the gate of Heaven, and in your Father’s time He will take your widow’s mite offering of unconditional forgiveness (which is nothing) and replace it with unconditional Love (which contains all things). God literally asks nothing of you, and in return you literally receive everything.

As Sure As God Is Love

I pray not for grace, since by my asking I reveal that I have some idea of it. This idea of God’s gift in my head is surely not what God knows it to be since it is beyond all human thought. Instead I sit still, place no demands, and await what must come, as sure as God is Love.

Loving Hate

The world associates strength with hate and weakness with love. God associates strength with love and hate as weakness. If your heart is of the world and then you are told that God is love, then this God must be weak, and there is nothing more hateful than a weak God, and your hate for him makes you feel stronger. We hunger for true love but we run from the feast. Such is the power of fear.


Mortify anger. When you rise to anger it is by instant forgiveness do you teach your mind that you are not an ego. The ways in which the ego would distort the truth will not deceive you anymore. You will not believe you are a body to be crucified. Do this often and you will see within it the light of resurrection.