The Other Side of the Story

Once upon a time there was a wolf and three little pigs. The wolf was big and quite happy actually. He enjoyed most the evenings in the forest; the sun light bounces off treetops and paints a cool forest floor.

One such evening the wolf received terrible news that his father had fallen ill and was rumored to pass before dawn. He arrived to his father’s home too late. His older sister draping a weepy head over her father’s still chest, stood to greet her brother with open arms and open heart. He collapsed into his sisters embrace and stayed there for most of the evening.

Some time after his father’s death the big wolf found peace in the forest evening, singing the songs his father taught him as a boy and holding his red cap, a gift from father some years ago.

Just then a little pig ran by, snatched the cap from the wolf’s hands and taunted, “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? He’s a great big sissy!” Running from the woods the pig hid inside a house fashioned of sticks.

The rest of the story I believe you know. There are always two sides to the story. Forgiveness is easy when you take the time to understand the misunderstanding.

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