If I Had One Wish

My deepest desire is to be Jiva Mukta, a liberated soul, and then to walk many years in the presence of God, but in the land of the living, bringing many others to this same realization, or at least move them closer to this esoteric and eschatological Liberty.

True Self

If souls are like sparks flying out into the infinite night, then true Self is not only the sparks, but also the night, the universe, and the field that the universe arises in. The cosmic joke is that the soul is made of that which the soul is searching for: immortal consciousness. Enlightenment is to realize that who you are is this same immortal consciousness. God, soul, and universe are realized to be One.
From Fixation to Freedom, by Eli Jaxon-Bear

γνωθι σεαυτόν; Know Thyself

“The personal entity, which identifies its existence with life in the physical body and calls itself “I,” is the ego.

The physical body, which is inherently inert, has no ego sense. The Self, which is pure consciousness, has no ego sense.Between these two, there mysteriously arises the ego sense, which is the “I” thought.

This ego, or separate personal identity, is at the root of all suffering in life. Therefore, it is to be destroyed by any means possible. This is Liberation or Enlightenment or Self-realization.

– Ramana Maharshi