It’s All Go(o)d

Surrender has nothing to do with giving any thing to God. Surrender is the complete and utter demolishing of my old structure of living that was enslaved to personal thought and personal preference.

It is the thorough disenchantment with everything from which I once placed my hope for happiness in, replaced by a radical and confident acceptance of anything and everything that God is pleased to send my way, trusting in his goodness and love, even when what he provides is experienced as quite unpleasant.

It is the entire and final admittance that I don’t at all trust my own judgement to know whether something is good or bad, and to become like a rag-doll in hands of God, placing no hope or desire of my own on my daily events, except what ever it is that God intends by giving it to me in the first place.

It is the last desire, to let go of all form and enter into the Nothing. It is the utter realization that everything is actually nothing, and Nothing is actually Everything, and that I am both. It is the true understanding that the last shall be first and the first shall be last.

Surrender is not an act of will. It is the ultimate, concluding, denial of my personal will. It’s all good because it is all God!

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