It’s starting to rain in the city. The summer always makes it smell so strangely beautiful when it hits the hot pavement. A man finds momentary sanctuary beneath a bus stop shelter. Soon enough he is joined by another man, tall, well built, and collar upturned. The strangers nod heads in polite recognition and immediately return their attention back to their thought. 
The tall man breaks the silence. “What time is it, do you know?” “2:06” said the man. A few minutes later he asks again, “do you have the time again?” “2:11” he replied, never looking up from his watch to make eye contact. 

A third man arrives to the bus stop and immediately recognizes the tall man as Payton Manning, quarterback to the Denver Broncos, destined for the NFL hall of fame. “I’m a big fan of yours Mr. Manning,” he says shaking his hand, “let’s go all the way to the Super Bowl this year!” Niceties were exchanged and soon enough it’s just the two of them again. Payton turns to the man and asked a third time, “Sorry to keep bothering you, but can you tell me the time?”

This time the man is stunned and cannot reply. Why?

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