Ram Dass on Awareness

We as souls prepare our own births deaths and in between in such an exquisite mechanism. Can you imagine that you have picked mother and father? That you picked the time in history you were to live? That you even have picked the people you walk by on the street? And so have all the rest of us and so we interact. The best way to live life is as a soul dancing in and out of incarnation, as a witness of both internal and external things. We are awareness. You are an awareness and I am in awareness and we are not separate. Awareness is one name for God, and we are fingers of consciousness for the one consciousness. We first identify as separate fingers then we identify with the hand and then with the body and then with all bodies. When we are identified with all bodies then we are identified with awareness. You can hear, see, taste, feel doing something but awareness you can only be. You can’t look for awareness you can only be awareness. So you be your awareness and I will be my awareness, and in that awareness we can transcend 5000 miles. And so if you can go into your awareness and be aware, and I am here being aware we are one.

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