Hatching Consciousness

Timmy was making his Batman toy fly all over the kitchen and living room as he narrated the whole event. “Look Dad batman is flying high! Look Dad he’s flying upside down! Look Dad he is flying fast!” He threw the naked figurine across the room almost hitting our dog Jolie. “Oh Timmy don’t throw that!” I said. Timmy didn’t understand the sudden change of rules. Why was flying upside down greeted with a “wow” and the flying fast part was greeted with a correctional blow?!?

And what is the point of my correction? It is important to know not to throw a stapler at your co-worker, for example, but was this really the moment to teach him not to throw things? Maybe it was, but I didn’t see how. There was no eminent danger and he did not break anything. So why not let Batman go for a fast fly too?

Children aren’t born, they hatch. Just as a baby chick comes out of its shell only when it is ready, children (including me) will learn important life lessons in the time they are ready, never a moment before. Timing is everything. 

All of us hatch into consciousness moment by moment, lesson by lesson, and expand ourselves into this big world, proudly announcing our arrival!

I am a late hatcher.

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